What is Super Launch?

A Startup Incubator and Launchpad developed by SL Development Team on Binance Smart Chain. Super Launch will help Startups with the funding and support to launch their project in the most efficient and secure way possible. SL Development team will provide quality, security and trust investment ways to blockchain projects and Investors.

Superlaunch will suppport Ethereum,Binance Smart Chain,Solana and upcoming Flare Network.


Why hold SLA Token ?

Holder of SLA Tokens will be eligible to participate presales for upcoming launch projects.
Each tier shall be eligible for different Contribution caps for Pre-sale participation. Tier 1 shall have the highest contribution cap and tier 3 shall have the lowest.

IDO models subject to change depending on the nature and requirements of project. Details for launches will be released via Super Launch official
information channels.



2021 Q4

- CMC and Coingecko Listings - Security Audit and Secure Platform Release - Planned 2 IDO (According to Platform Tests) - Website v2 - 5000 TG members - Prism Farm - Minor exchange listing

2022 Q1

- 4 IDO - Uniswap and Solana Bridge - Exclusive Partnerships - 10k twitter follower - Two minor exchange listing

2022 Q2

- 6 IDO - Flare integration - Exclusive Partnerships - 20k twitter follower - Major Cex Listings

2022 Q3

- 8 IDO - NFT Market integration - NFT Startups - e-sport Partnerships

2022 Q4

- Liquidity Boost - 8 IDO - Easy Super Launch Library for Developers - Branding - Marketplace for SL - Major Cex Listing


Token Distribution

SLA is the native token on the ecosystem and a key factor in
the incubation process.

Being a Reflective token and a quality fork of RFI, all SLA
transactions incurs a 2% fee which redistributes the tokens
amongst all holders, %3 fee will be addition to Liquidity.

Holders of a fixed minimum number of SLA tokens shall have
early access to upcoming projects within the SUPERLAUNCH

  • 40% Presale - 4.000.000 SLA
  • 5% Marketing - 500.000 SLA
  • 5% Team & Ecosystem - 500.000 [Locked 1 year]
  • 17% Pancakeswap Liquidity - 1.700.000 [Locked]
  • 10% Pool for ExclusiveEvents
  • 15% Partnership & Listings
  • 8% Autostake Generation Pool
  • Type:BEP20
  • Symbol:SLA
  • Platform:Binance Smart Chain
  • General release:10,000,000 SLA
General description

Super Launch will be released on the basis of Binance Smart Chain platform and fully comply with BEP20* standard.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.



Stop Global Warming
Charity & NFT

The Vision of STOPGLOBALWARMING is to inculcate simple, affordable, and effective mechanisms to reduce Carbon Sequestration and institute effective Emissions Control Systems so that Global Warming and Climate Change can be kept at manageable levels, to be enabled by empowered climate conservation processes. Supporting activities to avert Global Warming and Expand Efforts in Carbon Sequestration.

Social Media / Advertising

Promodio firstly will make Social media platforms connectable through its own infrastructure with modules built through blockchain technology. In this step, the main function of the Promodio platform will be creates a bridge between those who want to receive advertising services on the specified social media platforms and those who want to earn income from these advertising activities.


Upcoming Projects (IDO)

The following projects are planned for pre-sale on the Super launch platform. Project Names and details are reserved.